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We are a psychology clinic based in Madrid with experience in different issues We offer both faceto-face and online therapy to various parts of the world! You can choose the format that best suits you.

Conchita Sisí Martín

Adult psychotherapy / Child psychotherapy/ Salud en Mente

I am a specialist in cognitive-behavioural therapy. I have experience in psychological pathologies, as well as in problems related to health psychology such as chronic pain, rheumatic and autoimmune diseases.

Conchita Sisí Martín - Clínica Salud en Mente
Logotipo de Clinica salud en mente en verde

How can we help you?

Consult our FAQ section on therapy to answer all your questions.

Individual therapy

Comprehensive support to overcome emotional challenges such as anxiety, mood disorders, addictions and work stress.
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Couples therapy

Couples counselling, dealing with sexual problems, crises, emotional dependency and divorce mediation.
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Children therapy

Children and adolescents (11-18 years) support: addressing ADHD, anxiety, bullying, learning difficulties, family and behavioral problems.
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    You can contact us by phone or email if you think you are not yet ready to go to therapy, if you hesitate because you think your problem is “not that big a deal”, if you are afraid to open wounds, if you are confused about what a therapeutic process involves, if you are not sure whether your consultation involves individual, family or couple therapy… in short, contact us for any question and together we can find the best possible solution. 😊

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