How we work at CSM

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How we work at CSM

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At CSM we work from a cognitive-behavioural approach, the orientation that accumulates the most scientific evidence. Within this theoretical framework, the sessions are structured as 1 hour sessions once a week. During the first 3-4 sessions, information gathering takes place, and then the person is given back an information document with feedback describing why what is happening to them is happening to them. From this point onwards, behaviour that contributes to the discomfort is modified, providing the person with the necessary techniques to be able to deal with the problem.

We always work from a scientific approach, so if results are not forthcoming, we will be honest enough to refer to another professional or pause the process.

With each patient we spend several hours out of session, it is necessary to design the best treatment and to be updated on the most appropriate techniques.

It is our Number 1 obligation never to judge the person in front of us, certainly not to share their information and to make them feel respected at all times.

We will need your commitment and active participation in the change, in the end, the session is a very small part of your life throughout the week and it needs to be consistent on a daily basis.

At CSM we always send homework, in the end, therapy is only 1 hour of the person’s week and they need to generalise the skills learnt to the areas in which they experience discomfort. We will use questionnaires, self-reports, registers, lifelines.

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